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The Creative

Passion film projects can be daunting. Regardless of where you are on the journey to bring your creative vision to reality, our team is here to provide as much or as little assistance as necessary to get the job done. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker looking to be involved in the process or merely looking to tell your story, we have the knowledge and experience to tell your story how you want it told.

The Commercial

Whether you’re looking to outsource completion of a video or need in-depth consultation to explore and strategize a comprehensive commercial campaign, the breadth and depth of our collective expertise allows us the flexibility to assign a perfectly balanced team to meet your marketing objectives.

The Resume

Full-process or a la carte services available



Strategic Direction





The Drive

At The Institute, we know you have choices for everything, and navigating the film production process can be difficult. At our core, we are value driven, meaning that we want to offer you the best return on your investment based on the factors important to you. While we will be the best fit for many people, we won’t be the best for all, and that’s okay. Our long-term goal of being the tide that raises all boats supersedes the necessity of taking on as many clients as possible. Regardless of whether we are the best fit for the production of your project, we insist on doing what produces the best project.

• In-house business consultants

• Experts with connections

• Award-winning filmmakers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is this going to cost?

Fortunately or not — but like everything in life — this depends on a variety of factors and services desired. Generally, commercial projects are more expensive, with finished products starting as low as $5,000 but the vast majority being around $20,000. Conversely, passion projects typically cost about $10,000 for a short film and $200,000 for a feature length project, but vary much more based on individual project requirements and specifications.

How long is this going to take?

This depends on a variety of factors as well, mostly the size and scope of the project. Once a project has been agreed upon and greenlit, we guarantee production on the timetable agreed upon, with 95% of our projects being completed within 4 weeks.

What type of videos do you make?

For the most part, we can do whatever you can imagine. While the most common requests are for brand or product commercials, testimonials, educational and informational videos, or the occasional animation project, our team has an abundance of experience and passion for larger or more creatively oriented projects.

What about the video rights?

Our clients own the rights to all finished productions – forever.

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