The Current

As of 2021, The Institute has added new and fresh faces to their roster of developing talent. Following the modification of our day to day endeavors realigned around our core competencies coupled with the hiring of our new executive team, The Institute looks to build on its foundation and create long-term lasting relationships and partnerships for years to come. For more information on any of our current team members, please check out the links below.

PK Glazer, President | Operations and Management

PK Glazer

A formally trained actor, academic, and strategic business consultant, PK joined The Institute immediately upon completing his doctoral studies in Business Administration in March of 2021 to help formulate and facilitate a long-term and sustainable business model. Since accepting a full time position, he has worked diligently to help re-launch The Institute into a content creating powerhouse. When not performing his primary filmmaker duties as an actor or other onscreen talent, PK can be found scrutinizing pitch decks and finance packages, feasibility testing potential projects, or analyzing internal processes to achieve maximum output efficiency.

An active member in a variety of organizations across a plethora of disciplines, PK dedicates any free time he finds to his local Rotary Club and related service projects. When not working or serving the community, you can find PK at the gym, on the beach, or scarfing an oversized burrito bowl at Chipotle. As an advocate for students and upcoming filmmakers, PK is always looking to bridge the chasm between established professionals and developing talent.

Scott Glazer | Drone Pilot and Miracle Worker

Jason Rosenblatt | Writer and Director

Jason Bradd | Writer, Director, Producer

Erin Toft | Writer and Producer